GRID Program: The Bigger Picture Show.

A multidisciplinary program, The Bigger Picture Show, will accompany the presentation of GRID at the NDSM Loods from June 13-16 June 2019. All components of the program maintain a relation to GRID.

Masterclasses Critique led by Professor Terry Barrett make up the heart of the program. Mr. Barrett is a phenomenon when it comes to introducing people to Contemporary Art through a casual, open conversation, regardless of their knowledge or experience. He is an expert in generating meaning by involving people to talk about Art and contemplate what it means to them personally in relation to the Human Condition.

Other disciplines such as Music, the premiere of a composition by Egon Kracht, Performances by artist like Linda Molenaar, Dennis Stroucken, Klara Alexova and Katja Vermeulen, Dance in combination with a silent disco and Drama are part of the four days program.

Several workshops, sessions, lunches and diners complete the bigger picture.


Some parts of the program require a reservation or ticket.

Talking about GRID with Terry Barrett, a masterclass Interpreting Art

Subject matter + Medium + Form + Context = Meaning is one of the leading propositions when you look at Barrett’s approach to interpretation. In accordance with Arthur Danto, a contemporary philosopher and art critic, Barrett assumes that artworks are always about something and therefore require interpretation.

The process of interpreting starts with a literal reading of the work and continues with the guidance of a series of basic questions like what do you see?, what does it mean? and how can you tell? Barrett activates reflecting, wondering and responding to art, both literally and metaphorically, through sincere attention for all participants in the conversation. He involves prior experiences and knowledge to construct meaning in a verbally articulated interpretation to share with others.

About Terry Barrett

Terry Barrett is an American art critic and professor of art education at the University of North Texas, USA. He is also Professor Emeritus at Ohio State University, with an honorary appointment to the Department of Art where he received a Distinguished Teaching Award for his educational practice.
He has produced many books, anthology chapters and articles about photographic media, contemporary art, art criticism and aesthetics, and about the teaching of these subjects; this work has had a significant impact on the field. Barrett is the author of Why is That Art?, Criticizing Photographs, Criticizing Art, Talking about Student Art and Making Art. His most recent book Crits was published in 2018. Barrett is a visiting scholar, critic, juror, and educator at many universities and art museums in the US and internationally.
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No Landscapes, AIR Terry Barrett

Terry Barrett at BasisBuro, Amsterdam, 2010 © Thomas Lenden Photography

KunstWerkt: mensen reageren op hedendaagse kunst.Presentatie van het Boek in De Brakke Grond.

Barrett interviewed by Hans den Hartog Jager, © Thomas Lenden Photography


Egon Kracht en Noortje Braat

Music for an Exhibition by Egon Kracht and Noortje Braat

Egon Kracht writes acoustic music for an instrumental quartet and four vocalists, that reflects on the 32 diptychs in GRID. The composition passes steadily along the monumental work in about 48 minutes, visually accompanied by an in and out zooming spotlight.

Each diptych has its own motif that is part of the overall composition with GRID’s underlying layers of meaning providing the structure. Auditory links are connected to the variety of images and stories of GRID: musical commentary that not only outlines details but also reveals a bigger picture.

The 8 performers on stage are visible, mobile and have a theatrical function. Basically, the vocalists sing without words, without literal meaning. This part of the performance will be developed with theater-maker and performer Noortje Braat.

The music is next to cerebral and carefully calculated also full of emotion. Just like in GRID, number 8 plays an important role. Music and image go hand in hand; the music follows the dynamics of the images and raises to great height.


Albino and Old Horse, Performances by Linda Molenaar

In Albino and Old Horse there is no question about the fact whether Linda Molenaar’s performances relates to the human body, even when she literally crawls under the skin of an animal. Physically tough, Molenaar’s performances relate to those of Matthew Barney (1967), although she rather chooses an intimate transformation than a confrontation. Conceptually both artists experiment with themes concerning human nature. Molenaar’s animals are alive and carry out actions we recognize from every day; a clear connections to the diptychs in GRID. During the four days of the exhibition Linda Molenaar will perform both pieces one time per day.

About Linda Molenaar

Linda Molenaar works (sculptures and performances) and lives in The Nederlands, Amsterdam and graduated in 2009 a 2 year performance master called DasArts. After graduating in Sculpture at the Art Academy in 1997 she did an internship in Belgium with the artist Jan Fabre. She has had shows in, Germany, France, Slovenia, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, South Korea and USA. In 2014 and 2015 she was a participant at residencies in Norway, and in USA: Skowhegan 2007, I-Park 2011/2013, Sculpture Space 2015 and Art Omi 2016. She makes a living with teaching at the sculpture departments all over the The Netherlands aside and working at various departments at the National Opera and Ballet of Amsterdam. 

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Old Horse, 2007, 15 minutes performance, Linda Molenaar.


Dennis Stroucken as Safari Park Ranger

Slowmotion Boxing, a Performance by Dennis Stroucken

Dennis Stroucken introduces a variation of his renowned act Slowmotion Boxing. Due to the delay of action in this performance time becomes relative. Your gaze shifts over details of movements and expressions in a different than average speed forcing you to focus on a different context, thus different meaning. Stroucken is a master in bringing apparent contradictions to the surface and uses his sense of humor to make them change place silently.

About Dennis Stroucken

Dennis Stroucken is educated as a mime artist and theatre maker at the Theatre School in Amsterdam in the 1980’s. He has a genuine affection with images, sounds, forms and movements from everyday life that he combines in his work whether that’s in the street, on stage or driving a taxi. Humor and tragedy are not so far apart in his work.

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Reclaim Your Name, a Performance by Katja Vermeulen

Katja Vermeulen is an expert when it comes to family matters. She would be the chair of the Family Matters Movement Amsterdam if it were to exist. Without a doubt Vermeulen makes a connection with the audience to persuade them to reflect, wonder and respond to the leading themes to be found in GRID. In a variation to this both tempting and confrontational performance the artist will explore the familiar encounters people pass through most every day and remodel them to an extraordinary experience.

About Katja Vermeulen


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Reclaim Your Name

Katja Vermeulen performing Reclaim Your Name, NDSM, Amsterdam 2019


Klara Alexova in Zweep, 2011. © Jochem Jurgens

Klara Alexova
Improvisation Intersection
How many times do you meet someone in life who is completely herself. Klara Alexova is such a person and therefore her performances are always impressive experiences. Her presence makes people accept any scenario she serves for true, a both valuable and dangerous gift. Same as in GRID Alexova’s performances deal with morals and values in life, more than occassionally at the same time. This is a specific challenge when it comes to a time based performance.

About Klara Alexova

At the moment Klara Alexova is freelancing in The Netherlands and other countries of Europe working on a wide range projects in collaboration with different artists. Simultaneous she is developing her own work. Alexova studied at the Mime School of the Amsterdam University of the Arts where she graduated in 2009.


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Look at The Bigger Picture Show program schedule for further details.


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