11. Hard Head – Art Ad, 2010

In some countries, unlike the Netherlands, you find incredibly decorated graveyards. The grief over a lost one, however, is present everywhere. Especially when it concerns a child.

In the front of the left canvas you see a baby’s face in the process of being erased. A close-up of the face of a doll, arms raised, originally placed on a gravestone in combination with other children’s toys.

On the other side a woman reaches for a drink on the table in front of her, a cigarette between her fingers. This picture is set in a flag configuration blown taut in the wind against a clear blue sky. The all-white support pole is stuck into the surface of a sandy beach framed by the opposing edges of a pink and brown velvet curtain.

Nevertheless, it could also be a toothpick in a snack at the reception of a memorial service. Superimposed over the flag appear the blue, pink and white shapes that form and give life to the doll\’s eyes, resembling a family emblem or company logo.