9. Death and the Tramp, 2008-2010, acryl/tempera/oil/print/canvas, 200 x 400 cm

9. Death and the Tramp, 2007-2010

In this work the environment and surroundings start to fade and diminish as the whole picture has to make way for the underworld that pushes itself to the foreground, clamoring for attention.

The principal subject of this diptych is the figure shown on the right panel whose features are at the limit of being discernable. He\’s lying down with his back against a canvas backpack, next to a large cloth bale. A wall that serves as a backdrop is illustrated with two conversing skeletons and a floating fur tail in the form of a check mark. Lying on the ground under the subject is a small packet of blue papers. The last element designed looks like a wheel.

Without any doubt this guy on the sidewalk is ready to be picked up by the Grim Reaper. The two skeletons discuss their already approved assignment to transfer the exhausted wanderer to the other side. The man starts fading after opening two blue envelopes from the IRS; his only possessions in the woven bale next to him.

To the left we see a concentrated chaos of colored vegetation losing its coloration and becoming a tangled gray mass superimposed over suggestions of what is or was live foliage; leftovers from Playground. On closer inspection this completely gray world behind a centrally located triangular spider web is turning into a breeding ground for the Underworld.